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Based in Redmond, Washington

Release date:
15 May, 2017

PC / Mac


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Cures and Curios is a virtual reality game using the HTC Vive set in a mystical take on the Old West, where the player inhabits an old fashioned medicine show cart in the center of a small pioneer town. Each day, the player must concoct a variety of potions for the locals that come to their shop. As your potion-making skills grow, so does your options, with new recipes, ingredients, tools, and rewards.


As a student team, we wanted to create a unique VR experience as our final project here at DigiPen, taking advantage of our opportunity to explore emerging technologies. This game started in our Junior Year, where the use of the HTC Vive was ironed out, but has been extended into a senior project devoted to developing a more refined environment and experience.


  • Extensive ingredients list for exciting potion crafting!
  • Narrative elements to explore and expand game world!
  • Refined 3D audio experience for immersive game feel!
  • Dabbing animations, and other advanced gestures!
  • Fun cart environment to explore and interact with!


Spring 2017 Alpha - Trailer YouTube

Spring 2017 Alpha - Gameplay Footage YouTube


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Awards & Recognition

  • "IGF 2018 Nominee" IGF, September 2017
  • "Nominated for Digipen Best VR of Spring 2017 award" Digipen Institute of Technology, Spring 2017

Monetization Permission

Skull Tree Games allows for the contents of Cures & Curios to be published through video broadcasting services for non-commercial purposes only. Monetization of any video created containing assets from Cures & Curios is not allowed.

Skull Tree Website
Team Website skulltreegames.com.

Cures & Curios Website
Game Website curesandcurios.com.

About Skull Tree Games

Skull Tree is a student team at DigiPen dedicated to providing unique and engaging experiences which explore and expand the possibilities of virtual reality.

More information
More information on Skull Tree Games, our logo & relevant media are available here.

Cures & Curios Credits

Audrey Mladina
Producer, UX Designer

Gwendolyn Stickney
Art Producer, Environment Artist

Seung Park
Art Director, Environment Artist

Lukas Kuligowski
Tech Director

Greg Hall
Audio Lead, Systems Programmer

Kaan Palaz
Tools Programmer, Gameplay Programmer

Clark Meyer
AI Programmer

Matthew Cech
Tools Programmer, Web, Sysadmin

London Duchene
Lead AI programmer

Riley O'Dea
Level Designer

David Leon
Testing Lead, Co-Director

Ivy Wu
Lead Designer, Gameplay Programmer

Eric Deters
Narrative Designer, Co-Director

Justin Cornell
Concept Artist

Hans Schneider
Environment Artist

Jessica Yu
Character Animator

Byron Yu
Character Animator

Riley Crawley
Character Artist

Katerina Lair
Character Artist

Brian Scott
Sound Designer

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