Skull Tree Games
Based in Redmond, Washington

Founding date:
September 2016


Press / Business contact:
[email protected]


Cures & Curios

9931 Willows Rd
Redmond, WA 98052


Skull Tree is a student team at DigiPen dedicated to providing unique and engaging experiences which explore and expand the possibilities of virtual reality.


Early history

Skulltree came to be as a student team looking to explore the HTC Vive, at the time a relatively new technology. Not much content existed for this device, and the team was looking to create an interactive and engaging experiences that highlighted the immersive nature of VR technology. "What better way to have fun in this space," thought the team "than mixing a bit of crafting magic into reality!", and the team's primary project, Cures & Curios, was born.

After that

The team has grown, more artists and programmers joining in order to help create and enable the creation of complex and interesting VR environments. We've had a total of 20 contributors to this project now, with the vast majority still part of team Skulltree to this day.



Cures & Curios - Spring 2017 Alpha Trailer YouTube

Cures & Curios - Spring 2017 Alpha Gameplay YouTube


There are far more images available for Skull Tree Games, but these are the ones we felt would be most useful to you. If you have specific requests, please do contact us!

download logo files as .zip (865KB)

Awards & Recognition

  • "Nominated for Digipen Best VR of Spring 2017 award" - Digipen Institute of Technology, Spring 2017

Cures & Curios Website
Game Website http://curesandcurios.com/.

Team & Repeating Collaborator

Audrey Mladina
Producer, UX Designer

Gwendolyn Stickney
Art Producer, Environment Artist

Seung Park
Art Director, Environment Artist

Lukas Kuligowski
Tech Director

Greg Hall
Audio Lead, Systems Programmer

Kaan Palaz
Tools Programmer, Gameplay Programmer

Clark Meyer
AI Programmer

Matthew Cech
Tools Programmer, Web, Sysadmin

London Duchene
Lead AI programmer

Riley O'Dea
Level Designer

David Leon
Testing Lead, Co-Director

Ivy Wu
Lead Designer, Gameplay Programmer

Eric Deters
Narrative Designer, Co-Director

Justin Cornell
Concept Artist

Hans Schneider
Environment Artist

Jessica Yu
Character Animator

Byron Yu
Character Animator

Riley Crawley
Character Artist

Katerina Lair
Character Artist

Brian Scott
Sound Designer

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